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Contact your customers

Discover our Evolinks technology, which enables companies to reach their customers using a QR code or Evocard, offering a simplified, interactive experience.

Intelligent advertising

Take control of what will be displayed on every QR code or NFC product supplied by Evolusium. Our concept lets you change your customer's destination whenever you like.

Real-time analysis

Optimize your business with our Evolinks platform, which measures every one of your Evolinks links in real time Gain valuable insights into your audience, adapt your marketing strategy and make informed decisions.

Our services

evolinks tools

The power of our Evolinks platform lies in its ability to create powerful marketing campaigns using QR codes and NFC technology. Track performance in real time, create an interactive experience for your customers and boost your online visibility.

outils evolink


Take control of your QR code to decide what experience and information you want to share with your customers or employees. Increase engagement, share accurate information and track statistics to optimize your marketing campaigns.

dynamic redirection

Optimize the user experience with dynamic redirects customized according to location, time, rotation, device or browser, for targeted and effective interaction. We also offer A/B testing.

easy to use

Manage your business with ease, thanks to a user-friendly, intuitive dashboard. Get an overview of your data, track your performance and make informed decisions. Simplify your management and optimize your productivity with our simple, easy-to-use dashboard.


In addition to having Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integrations, you'll be able to track the statistics of your Evolinks links in real time. An excellent tool for better understanding your customers' habits.

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pay annually
59 $ per month
  • 10,000 Clicks / Month


pay annually
69 $ per month
  • 30,000 clicks / month
  • 3 users


pay annually
99 $ per month
  • unlimited clicks / month
  • 5 users
  • Domain name

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Our services

Website design

Work with our team to create your website and benefit from technical expertise, professional design and an effective strategy to achieve your online goals.

Service marketing

Working with our team for your marketing means benefiting from a personalized strategy, digital marketing expertise and increased visibility and conversions.

image de marque


Working with our team for your brand image allows you to create a strong identity, stand out from the competition and establish a relationship of trust with your customers.

Corporate start-ups

Évolusium offers proven expertise in areas such as entrepreneurial attitude development, processes, marketing, sales, after-sales service and brand image.

Company growth

Accelerate your growth with our dedicated support. Benefit from our expertise to overcome challenges, seize opportunities and make informed strategic decisions. Maximize your success and reach new heights with our personalized support.

Sales & Transfers

Would you like to know more about the steps involved in selling or transferring your business? We offer personalized support tailored to your needs and reality. Take advantage of our various experts to get answers to your questions.

The financing
logo des partenaires financiers BDC, caisse Desjardins, Reseau Agriconseils, Agence du revenu Canada, Revenu Québec, Futupreneur

Evaluate to save big


Find out about the different types of grants and get help filling in the forms.


We'll help you find customized financing offers and solutions tailored to your business reality.

Other financing

Complete your financial package with several financial strategies.

autres tools


Your last business card for life

Your last business card for life

Ecological and avant-garde, share your information in a single gesture.


Un changement à apporter à vos informations ? Aucun souci, cela se fait en un rien de temps! Plus besoin d'attendre vos nouvelles cartes de chez l'imprimeur.

Quick and easy

With a single gesture, your contact details are in your customer's cell phone.


Loyalty card 2.0

Return on investment

Double your return rates and boost your revenues by 30% with digital loyalty cards.


Personalizing your electronic loyalty card has never been easier.

Loyalty and ambassador

Offer exclusive benefits, discounts and rewards to encourage repeat purchases and strengthen brand loyalty.