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A corporate consultant will review your business model, processes, strategies, goals/objectives, service and finances. This review will enable us to better understand your challenges, help you seize opportunities and be proactive in the face of threats in your industry.

Experience and expertise

Évolusium offers proven expertise in areas such as entrepreneurial attitude development, processes, marketing, sales, after-sales service and branding. A business consultant enables customers to develop their business while taking all these aspects into account.

Business relationship

Working with your company is much more than a contract. It's a business relationship based on shared values and mutual support. Our primary mission is to contribute to your success. Our customers are treated like members of our extended family.

Our services
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Business plan

We're here to help you build a solid business plan aligned with your growth objectives. Our expertise and personalized support ensure that your start-up is on the road to entrepreneurial success.

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Market research

Our team is ready to carry out in-depth market research for your start-up. With our expertise, we'll provide you with key information on your industry, your competitors and your target customers. This analysis will enable you to make informed decisions and stand out in the marketplace.


Financial forecasts

We're here to help you build a solid, realistic financial forecast for your start-up. Using our expertise and advanced financial models, we'll provide you with accurate projections to guide your financial decision-making. With our support, you'll be able to plan for growth and attract the necessary investors.



Our team is dedicated to supporting you at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey. We offer personalized support to help you overcome challenges, seize opportunities and achieve your goals. With our expertise and ongoing support, we will be your trusted partners in ensuring the success and sustainable growth of your start-up.

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4 steps

How to invest for success

To maximize the speed of success and minimize the pitfalls, we've established a formula that works.


We take the time to get to know you and your company in terms of your mission, vision and values. To assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to your industry.

Goals and objectives

We'll help you set goals and objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.


Our team will work with you to develop a strategic plan that takes into account your balance sheet, goals and objectives.

Measurement and analysis

We implement tools to measure the profitability of actions and decisions taken. By analyzing this data, we can adjust the plan.

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AUTRES services

Website design

Work with our team to create your website and benefit from technical expertise, professional design and an effective strategy to achieve your online goals.

Service marketing

Working with our team for your marketing means benefiting from a personalized strategy, digital marketing expertise and increased visibility and conversions.

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Working with our team for your brand image allows you to create a strong identity, stand out from the competition and establish a relationship of trust with your customers.

Sales & Transfers

Would you like to know more about the steps involved in selling or transferring your business? We offer personalized support tailored to your needs and reality. Take advantage of our various experts to get answers to your questions.

Company growth

Accelerate your growth with our dedicated support. Benefit from our expertise to overcome challenges, seize opportunities and make informed strategic decisions. Maximize your success and reach new heights with our personalized support.

The financing
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Evaluate to save big


Find out about the different types of grants and get help filling in the forms.


We'll help you find customized financing offers and solutions tailored to your business reality.

Other financing

Complete your financial package with several financial strategies.

Our tools


Your last business card for life

Your last business card for life

Ecological and avant-garde, share your information in a single gesture.


Un changement à apporter à vos informations ? Aucun souci, cela se fait en un rien de temps! Plus besoin d'attendre vos nouvelles cartes de chez l'imprimeur.

Quick and easy

With a single gesture, your contact details are in your customer's cell phone.


Information at your fingertips

Contact your customers

Discover our Evolinks technology, which enables companies to reach their customers using a QR code or Evocard, offering a simplified, interactive experience.

Intelligent advertising

Just scan a QR code and the information is sent directly to your customers' cell phones. No need for a brochure!

Real-time analysis

Gain valuable insights into your audience, tailor your marketing strategy and make informed decisions to achieve your growth objectives.


Loyalty card 2.0

Return on investment

Multipliez par deux les taux de conversion et augmentez vos revenus de 30 % grâce aux cartes de fidélité numériques.


Personalizing your electronic loyalty card has never been easier.

Loyalty and ambassador

Offer exclusive benefits, discounts and rewards to encourage repeat purchases and strengthen brand loyalty.